Monday, February 22, 2021 by Cindy Sproles

PLEASE NOTE: THE LINKS FOR THE LIVE STREAM ARE NOT POSTED HERE: This is to provide security for those who have purchased the conference live-stream.


Three days to go!

I would ask that you read this newsletter carefully. I would also ask that you check with the conference update page to catch up on last-minute details. I PROMISE - EVERY QUESTION YOU HAVE IS ANSWERED ON THE WEBSITE. You can click conference updates and also the newsletters and find everything you need. I am down to the wire. That means, I am ticking off items from my to-do list one after the other and praying I have not missed someone or something. Let's get started with the news.

News - News - News
There is new and then later on we will recap for the newcomers. ***REMEMBER, masks are required. So don't forget. You'll have to return to your room and get it. Masks must be worn throughout the venue. 


If you have participated in a paid critique or mentoring, please be sure that you have made your payment to the faculty member who is doing the work. You should have touched base with your mentor or critique person, and those payments should have been made by this point. Terri will be monitoring to be sure all critiques and mentoring have been paid. You will learn so much with these tools. Again, I'm proud you put yourself out there. It takes a bit of courage. Good for you.

Terri has said if you have an appointment to please verify with her via email. That email is [email protected] We have had schedule changes with the faculty.  Ramona Richards is unable to attend and she is replaced with John Herring, the publisher of Iron Stream Media, LLC. John will see appointments so if you want to speak to a publisher, here is your opportunity. have to contact Terri.

Our appointments, critiques, and mentoring will be on the first floor of the Training Center. Those rooms will be labeled for you so you can't miss them. Please know, that it is acceptable for you to get up and leave the conference room to go to your appointment. We would just ask that you try not to walk in front of the speaker. Perhaps go across the back of the room and down. Our faculty understands your leaving and returning. They are accustomed to this so don't worry. When you have an appointment time, just quietly leave, attend your appointment, and return when you are done.

Our bookstore is also on the first floor of the Cove. Here are the COVID-preparation guidelines for you to follow. There will be hand santizer. Cleanse your hands, take a pair of gloves and wear those as you browse the bookstore. When you leave, drop your gloves in the trash. Thank you for helping us keep things as safe as we can. The bookstore will open after dinner on Friday night. And again Sat. morning through the day and evening. It will close for mealtimes. It will open again for a short time Sunday morning.

OUR BOB BOX - This is our mission box. We support Bob Hostetler and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of Bob's two grandchildren who have CF. This year we are also supporting Edie Melson's son Jimmy and his baby after the loss of his wife. And also, we will support Dee Dee Parker to help her get reliable heat in her home. I hope you will find it in your heart to give back to those who need our assistance. God tells us to care for others. This is one conference that tries our best to do that. The Bob Box is in the Bookstore and you can drop by anytime or you can donate via Pay Pal here:

ALL ABOUT VIRTUAL - Our links were sent out last week. You may or may not see a live feed at this time. IT'S NOT TIME YET. We are testing things. The neat thing is you can look to the BROWN box on the right and click it for the videos which are uploaded and ready to view. These are our second track and also where our live stream recordings will be stored. PLEASE NOTE - WE ARE EASTERN STANDARD TIME so you will need to pay attention to your time zone. This is why ALL THE STREAMING WILL STORE ON THE ACWC.LIVE site. Just click that brown box on the right and as the videos are rendered, they will be uploaded and posted. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO WATCH THE VIDEOS THROUGH MAY 31. Check the schedule on the site for the times of each teacher. We will begin live streaming at 1 p.m. The early bird classes are streamed live, and they will be recorded. ALL HANDOUTS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE LIVE STREAM SITE. You will just click the video on the RECORDED LIVE PRESENTATIONS. Each uploaded video that has a handout, has a button beneath it to download the handout. It's all right there.
We are continuing to upload those remaining classes that are not live-streamed. Rest assured, we have you on an email list that will come to you via Mailchimp. Please make sure you have marked our emails from Mailchimp as safe in your browser so that you do not lose out on information. Our virtual email is listed below. This will be monitored throughout the conference, but the easiest way to get a response is to send a note via the live stream chat. Those will be monitored as well. Now, having said that, if you need help at home with your computer, find a person close to you who can troubleshoot. We cannot repair your computer. You will have access to the full conference videos during and after the conference so you can go back and watch them again. These links will remain live through May 31. After May 31, they go away. This is our first try on virtual and we're ironing out all the details so things run smoothly. It's not as easy as just clicking on a link for us. For you it is...but not on our end. 
We have a specific email set up for the virtual conference should you need to contact Eddie or Scott with a question 

[email protected] 

It is important to understand the directions for this virtual conference are not hard. The site will open and right there, big as life, is the main live stream. It will play as each teacher begins. This is not hard team.  Now, if you look to your right you will see a brown box that says RECORDED CLASS PRESENTATIONS - click that and you will find all live streams that have been recorded and the added plus of our second track which is not live-streamed. YOU GET THE FULL CONFERENCE. You can click on any video and watch it through May 31. After that date, this link ends and the videos vanish into cyberland.


SCOUTS HONOR - We are asking that you do not share this link with anyone outside our conference. It's not fair for you to pay for this conference and then give it away. Please respect our faculty and us by keeping this link for your private use.

NOW final instructions: Our faculty will not take questions during the live stream.  Here is a note from Eddie on how to post a question for ALL CONFEREES - virtual and in-person:

Because this year's ACWC will be both virtual and in-person---and will be held in a large auditorium--we have asked our faculty to only respond to questions that come through our streaming chat. On our page, you will see presentations as they happen and have the option of making comments or asking questions during the event. We will gather all questions in the chat feature and feed these to the presenter. This will allow all attendees to participate in the Q&A portions of our presentations. The faculty will answer questions on our handout page. HANDOUTS WILL BE LISTED ON THE RECORDED CLASS PRESENTATIONS UNDER EACH UPLOADED VIDEO. JUST CLICK AND DOWNLOAD.


The conference update page is up and running You can easily access this from your phone by clicking conference updates on the main page of the

1) If you are feeling bad or running a fever, DO NOT COME. Contact me for a virtual ticket. Your temp will be checked at the main gate and if you have a temp, you will not be allowed on campus. Your temp will be taken again at Pilgrims Inn for the Covid liability sheets.

2) We are staying in Pilgrims Inn. Once inside the Cove campus, drive straight up the mountain. Pilgrims will be the first LEFT. It's a beautiful hotel. Park your car. The Cove has managed to push entry to your rooms early, so you will be able to check into your room after 11:00. Go inside Pilgrims Inn, sign the forms, get your conference mask, schedule, pen and check in to your room. Then catch the bus up to the Training Center. There is no need to move your car once you are parked. Let it sleep through the weekend.

3) GO TO PILGRIMS INN, sign in with our staff, get your schedule and mask - oh, and your name tag. Sign the forms. THEN HEAD TO THE TRAINING CENTER for Edie Melson's amazing class. WEAR YOUR NAME TAG AT ALL TIMES. It is your security pass and your meal ticket. Without a name tag, you cannot enter the Training Center. Wear your mask. The Cove is mandated by the state to have face coverings. If you don't have yours on, their staff will gently remind you.

4) All classes are in the main auditorium. Go to the Training Center, pass the huge fireplace, and make a right. You'll see the doors for the auditorium.

5) Take a piece of tape, write your name on it and stick it on the seat of your choice. THIS IS YOUR SEAT FOR THE FULL CONFERENCE. Please note, we are doing this to maintain as much safety in a covid world as possible. So make your seat choice, put your name on the seat, and park it there all weekend.

6) WEAR YOUR MASK. (Repeating for good measure). Members of the Cove will be monitoring all attendees on campus. If you do not have a mask on, they will politely remind you to put it on.  If you are one of those folks who cannot wear a mask, then you are asked to bring a face shield and wear that. Face shields are only permitted if you have made prior arrangements with us so we are able to mark your nametag. We appreciate your working with us to make this as safe as possible.

7) Off-Campus folks - You will need to report to Pilgrims Inn and get your name tag and sign forms, you can either leave your car parked there and take the bus up to the training center or you can drive up to the next left and park at the Training Center. You will be given a car pass at the main gate which will secure your entrance and exit at the Cove without issue.

8) Our Worship Will Be Different This Year - We have chosen to pull from an idea at another conference. There will be some uplifting songs playing for you when you enter the auditorium. Please enter quietly. Don't talk. Find your seat and spend some reflective time in prayer. We will have a short devotion before things begin. I know it's hard to be quiet, but honestly, this offers you an opportunity to set your heart right and give what is due to the Lord. You're going to hear some lovely touching songs from Rich Mullins and also Andrew Petersen. Though Rich has been gone for 25 years, his songs still reach the world by the millions. His depth of love for God soars in every word. Andrew, follows in Rich's footsteps giving us thought-provoking and worshipful songs to praise God with.  Take this few minutes to immerse yourself in the Lord.

PERSONAL SPIRITUAL TIME - I want to encourage you, to consider a spiritual retreat for yourself - a little self-care/spiritual care. Each spring and fall, The Walking Stick Retreats happen across the eastern seaboard. Begun by Rich Mullins, his brother Dave, and personal friends, continue the Walking Stick Retreats. This year, the spring retreat is at Ridgecrest Retreat Center (Black Mountain, NC) and in the fall it will be in Ripley, West Virginia. These are wonderful three-day retreats where you are asked to face yourself and meet God. Every Christian writer needs that marked-out time with God to seek and find your calling and purpose. This retreat is the way to do it. The Walking Stick Retreat is a community of friends who focus solely on God during the weekend set aside. If you have an opportunity, give The Walking Stick Retreats a try. Whether you attend Walking Stick or you simply carve out a quiet weekend alone to meet God, make the effort.

9) LOCATION, LOCATION - The main auditorium is on the 2nd level of the Training Center. Our appointments, mentoring, and bookstore will be one level down on the first floor. It's important to understand that our faculty understands you will have appointments. When you have an appointment, quietly step out of the room, go to your appointment, and then return. Remember, we are doing live streaming, so rather than traipsing down front in the auditorium, move across to the right of the auditorium and down the stairs rather than directly in front of the speaker.

10) We will add you to our prayer warrior list. Without prayer, this ministry would not move ahead. After the conference, we will add you to our prayer warrior list. We don't bombard you with emails, but we occasionally send out letters with praises, needs, and requests. It is our hope that you will pray for this work and ask God's protection and guidance.

MP3s - Yes, we will sell the conference MP3s for $35. These can be download and you'll have them forever. So we encourage you to get these so you can listen on your phone or in your car. Those can be purchased in the conference bookstore.

ABOUT OUR BOOKSTORE - Yes, we will have a bookstore. Not to be confused with the Cove's bookstore (which you should visit).  Please visit our bookstore. We have faculty books for your purchase. You can pre-register for 2022 for $25, and you can purchase MP3s. If you are a virtual attendee and you want MP3s, contact me at [email protected] and I will send you a link for payment. THESE YOU WILL HAVE FOREVER. Please pass through the bookstore and verify your email address so we can be sure you receive links to the conference videos as well. If we do not have a good email, we cannot get you the links.

CONTINUE TO CHECK THE CONFERENCE UPDATE PAGE FOR ANY ADDITIONS. Things change and we have to be flexible. Rather than emailing me (who will be somewhat batty by the time you arrive), READ THE CONFERENCE UPDATE PAGE.

DONATE TO THE BOB BOX (you don't have to just be an on-line conferee. Anyone to donate to the Bob Box using this link.
You can donate by clicking here:

Remember, Christian Devotions will match the funds collected. We have prayed for provision so you add to the box and we'll see how God provides.

The Seriousness of Prayer
...pray continually...
~ 1 Thessalonians 5:17

I cannot express enough to you how very much this conference has been prayed over. Our prayer warriors, our faculty, and staff...ME, EDDIE...we have prayed fervently. 

I love to tell the story about this ministry and how we operate. Eddie and I were at a conference in Philadelphia, when a lady asked us, "So how do you get money for your ministry?" 

Without hesitation we replied. "We send a prayer request to our prayer warriors and God provides."

She laughed. "Well, I'm sure you do, but how do you get M-O-N-E-Y?"

We repeated, "Seriously, we send a request to our prayer warriors and they pray. God provides."

The look on her face was ...befuddled...yep, befuddled. It seemed beyond her that in this ministry we truly depend on God to provide. That is why, after this conference, we will add you to our prayer warriors. We don't bombard you with notes, but we do from time to time, send out notes to update you, and ask for prayer. We do not make decisions without prayer. We do not move ahead, without prayer. Has God ever NOT provided? Yes and no. It was more like, He said, this is not what I want. Change directions. So we did. 

In the beginning, we tried paying writers for the devotions they put on the site. But truthfully, God smacked us on the hand and said, "Nope. It's about their heart, not about the money. I want their words to come to me from their heart. Those I can and will use." What happened was, we stopped getting good devotions. We started getting, junk - new age - folks who only wanted the whopping $10 we offered. But when we stopped paying, the quality of the devotions went up. God wanted folks with the right heart. 

In 2017, my husband and I were visiting with Eddie and Bennie and we talked about the nudge we felt that God was asking us to be more benevolent. You see, Eddie lives in Raliegh, NC and I live in Tennessee. We don't see each other to talk daily. But God was nudging us both. So we put this request to our prayer warriors. Pray that God will provide so that we can be more benevolent. And you know what, GOD PROVIDED BIG. In 2017 we supported $7850 in benevolence. We received the money to cover every need and when the year was done, we actually had the same amount of money in the account THAT WE STARTED WITH. Only God. 

So your final assignment is to pray. PRAY CONTINUALLY. Because God hears our prayers and answers according to His will. Pray for your safe travel and for the safe travel of our faculty and staff. Pray for each person's health and safety. Pray that God will protect us from Covid (regardless of your thoughts on this - we still trust in His safety and loving hand over us). Pray for your hearts and minds to be open and receptive. Pray for joy and excitement. Pray for provision. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY because this is what we are asked to do...pray continually. 

Please know that we are excited to see you and to teach you, even under these weird circumstances. We are praying for you. We asked God to send those He would have to attend - virtually and in-person. In September we had 6 signed up for virtual. Today we have 40. We have 84 conferees only 35 short of our normal attendance and during a pandemic. You see - it's all God. We love you. Be safe. READ THE NEWSLETTER. And we will see you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Friday.

We pray for you and you pray for us...pray I don't forget anything. :)

Cindy Sproles 

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