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Join us for the 2020 Asheville Christian Writers Conference

   February 21, 22, and 23, 2020

PLEASE NOTE, for this year only ...
Our venue has moved to the Ridgecrest Conference Center, only 9 miles from The Cove.


In December The Cove experienced a fire in their training center. They are in the midst of a massive clean up. (Please pray for The Cove team; their hearts hurt over this.) We were fortunate that Ridgecrest found space for our conference. Aside from a location change, everything remains as scheduled!  If you wish housing at Ridgecrest, please contact Cindy via email at [email protected] She will check with Ridgecrest to see if housing is available. (Ridgecrest is as beautiful as The Cove.)

The Asheville Christian Writers Conference is not a level of writing – it’s a battle cry. God calls us to step up and answer with the best work possible using the talents He has given. We are called together to focus our hearts on the task Christ assigned us . . . to strengthen our ties with one another and hone our craft of writing so we might effectively spread the Word of God through fiction and non-fiction books, screenplays, scripts, articles, and blogs.

ACWC is not a level of writing – it’s a battle cry.

Join us for 2 1/2 days of intense work for as little as $292 (off-campus rate).

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February 19 - Final, Final, FINAL update

2/19/2020 10:06:00 PM BY Cindy Sproles

OKAY FOLKS - THIS IS IT! I'm closing up shop so I can get to the conference.

So it's no surprise in February that we get a touch of snow. It is the mountains! And Thursday is calling for a wintery mix which is really nothing to be concerned over. It may snow a little but according to the weather reports it will melt as quickly as it hits and it shouldn't stick on the roads. THIS CONFERENCE GOES ON REGARDLESS OF THE WEATHER. If you decide not to come, there is no refund at this point. We have NEVER had an issue in the Asheville-Black Mountain area. Even if it does snow, the NC DOT has things cleared within a short time so the roads are good and there is no issue. Friday, the high is 40 which means, there probably won't be anything but a rainy ick. So don't panic. Take precautions and pray for perfect weather. Things will be fine. If anyone has a hard time getting to Ridgecrest it will be me skirting across the top of two mountains and I'm not the least bit concerned. So pack up, be ready and be cautious.

FLU Season - As you know we are still in flu season and I've had a conferee express a concern so I will address this as well. Every year this conference falls during FLU SEASON. Our conferees have always been vigilant about precautionary measures to prevent the spread of germs. I encourage you to please: 1) if you have a cough, bring and wear a mask.  (We do not provide these. If you are coughing it's your responsibility to be a good steward and kind and purchase the necessary items you need to prevent the spread of germs.)  2) Purchase a travel size hand sanitizer.. .in fact, buy two and use them if you are coughing and even if you are not. 3) I know it's wonderful to reconnect and hugs are the first thing we want to do, but if you are fighting a cold - DON'T HUG! We'll all understand and we'll love you anyway.

If you feel as if you are running a fever, then please, stay in your room. Please be considerate of others during this rough season of flu and colds. The MP3s will be available for every class. You won't miss a thing.

I have had three conferees let me know they are nurse practitioners or PA's. This is wonderful to know, but it's also important to understand that we cannot utilize these individuals under our liability restrictions. If you become sick enough to need assistance, we will contact 911. This is not only our insurance rules but also the policy of Ridgecrest.  We are grateful for those who have this wonderful skill. Thank you for your offer but if someone becomes ill, it is important to contact myself or Eddie Jones ASAP and we will handle things from there forward.

We are two days out from the conference. We can no longer make reservation changes, add rooms or additional folks to the hotel. If you have someone who wants to stay at Ridgecrest, you will need to contact reservations yourself and make that reservation. They will need to do it under their own name, not our conference.
Ridgecrest Conference Center 1 Ridgecrest Dr, Ridgecrest, NC 28770 Phone: (828) 669-8022

The only additional folks we will accept to the conference are OFF-CAMPUS. 

Mentoring, critiques, and contests are closed. Please do not send money or entries. I've had several folks send those today and the contests ended Jan. 20. I'm sorry, but at two days out, we have already had the work judged, and the certificates printed. 

Please, please, do not ask for changes in your mentoring or critique appointments from here forward. Everything is nailed down, faculty has spent valuable time working to accommodate you. We can not make changes from here forward, there is simply no time left. Faculty is boarding planes and getting in their cars. They can't work and drive or fly at this point.


We look forward to seeing you on Friday. Eddie and Bennie, myself, Kevin, and Dee Dee will already be in Black Mountain tomorrow. We will do our best to answer emails, but at this's getting more difficult.


One More Prayer for You

Oh Lord, I've answered tons of emails today with last minute worries. Will you lay rest to the fears and concerns of our conferees? You have sent them, now give them the necessary courage to step forward and trust that all will be well. Thank you for the blessings each one will bring to the table and Lord, may all we do be in your name and might it be a glory to you.

Father, stretch out Your arm of protection over each conferee and faculty member. Give them safety. Lord, show your might and clear the weather just as you do beautifully every year. We know that You are active in this conference because You have called us to be Your hands and feet. So Lord, with full confidence and trust we place our full armor on and march ahead.

May Your will be done.

Blessings to you all.
Cindy Sproles
Director, Asheville Christian Writers Conference


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