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Join us for the 2024 Asheville Christian Writers Conference

   February 23, 24, and 25, 2024



The Asheville Christian Writers Conference is not a level of writing – it’s a battle cry. God calls us to step up and answer with the best work possible using the talents He has given. We are called together to focus our hearts on the task Christ assigned us . . . to strengthen our ties with one another and hone our craft of writing so we might effectively spread the Word of God through fiction and non-fiction books, screenplays, scripts, articles, and blogs.

ACWC is not a level of writing – it’s a battle cry. Past attendees have gone on to write for:

Inspire A Fire

Christian Devotions

  Upper Room

Other attendees have received book contracts from Iron Stream Media, Thomas Nelson, Tyndale, Bold VisionElk Lake, and other book publishers. 









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Newsletter FEBRUARY 23

2/23/2023 1:45:00 AM BY Cindy Sproles


I begin by saying keep a check on the CONFERENCE UPDATE PAGE. Everything you need to know is on the conference update page and on the newsletters page.

You can go to the Conference Update page for last-minute changes. Please keep checking this page. It may or may not change, but if it should, this is where you'll find your information.

When you arrive - FACULTY! Your rooms are ready. CONFEREES, YOUR ROOMS WILL NOT BE READY UNTIL 3. Please don't ask if they are ready. The Cove is turning over 100 rooms from a conference that leaves Friday morning. This takes time. Our faculty rooms are ready because they have made these a priority, so they have time to get ready to teach.

YOUR BADGE - the badges the Cove provides are pin-on badges. We do have lanyards that you can hook to the pin if you'd like one. You can get that when you get your badge. NOW ABOUT THE POWER OF THE BADGE! If you get hungry at meal times, the power of the badge opens the dining hall meals to you. It is also your on-campus security badge. You must wear your badge at all times. The Cove volunteers are wonderful, but they are also sorta like ninjas. You don't see them. However, they see you. If you do not have your badge, do not be surprised if someone stops you and asks you to retrieve your badge. I know it's a bit frustrating, but one of the things that is a perk at the Cove is knowing that every conferee is 1) prayed over. They ask for a list so their prayer teams can begin praying for you. 2) The meals are awesome 3) The security is top-notch. They keep every conferee so safe. It's really not asking too much for you to wear your badge all the time. At the end of the conference, we will ask you to leave your lanyard and badge.

SUNDAY MORNING - pack your bags and put them in your car. If you are being picked up, you may leave them safely by the fireplace on the first floor of Shepherd's Inn. You much check out of your room by 10 a.m.

PRINT BEFORE YOU COME - We cannot print critiques or proposals for you. Print copies before you come. There is no account for conferees to use printing at the Cove. Please print what you think you may need and bring it with you. This includes the schedule, faculty photos if you need them, etc. If you think you need it printed, then print it before you leave home.

When you arrive, go to Shepherd's Inn and get your name tag, then walk next door to the Training Center. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Classes begin at 1:00 p.m. (NO, you do not register for classes). There will be time to check in after Early Bird classes.

Our schedule is locked in.

Walk into the Training Center and you will see the monster fireplace to your right, to your left if the elevator. Take it to 3rd floor. When you step off the elevator, you will see our bookstore. You may browse, but the store is not open for sales. They have to check in books from faculty, take inventory and enter it into the computer. I KNOW...there's a lot to do to get the store ready.  You will be able to make a small deposit to hold your 2024 registration. This will be taken off the price when you register. This is non-refundable and if you do not respond to us when we notify you about registration opening later in the year, we will fill your slot. The funds go into our scholarship fund.

Both Step-Up (Classes geared more toward newer writers) and Step-Out (classes geared more toward seasoned writers) are on the 3rd floor, BEHIND OUR BOOKSTORE. Step Up classes are in the first conference room, and you continue walking past the stage to the back conference room for STEP-OUT CLASSES. Now, we can't force you to stay in a track so you can wander between rooms for classes. Just be quiet as you do so. Our faculty is very seasoned to folks meandering in out for appointments. It's fine and acceptable.
We've mentioned MP3s numerous times. We recommend you purchase the MP3s so you have the full conference at home after this weekend. You will be able to purchase those in our bookstore. They are ready about a month after the conference and we will notify you when you can download them. MP3s take the pressure off of you in deciding what class to take. Buy the MP3s and you have the full conference afterward. Take the face-to-face classes you can take while at the conference. The rest you can listen to at home.

Our appointments and mentoring will be held in the large conference room BEHIND the elevator. There is a living room area and then the conference room. Terri will go over all that with you on Friday night. I will say, ALL OF OUR FACULTY ARE AWESOME TO MEET WITH. They all have huge experience  - so though we know you are just dying to spend time with BOB HOSTETLER (it goes to his head...truly it does), we have other faculty who have amazing experience. Vincent is the Amazon wizard, Maggie is a past PR gal for a large publisher, Pepper is releasing books left and right, Edie is the social media queen, and Eva is in a race with Bob to see who has written more books! I mean, this is just a few. My point is when appointment time arrives to sign up...consider all our faculty. They are here for you and they are all very knowledgeable. It's time well spent to just pick their brains. Run your idea past them. Just network.

Anyway, everything you need is on the 3rd floor.

The Eternal Feeding Trough - This is what we lovingly refer to as the place you can always find refreshment. It is one of the amenities at the Cove. There are always drinks available and ice cream in the hallway by the dining hall. Our floor has coffee and tea. I recommend you bring a nice drinking cup with a lid (we don't want spills) so that you can take advantage of this constant flow of drinks if you need them. There is also a drink station on the second-floor lobby of Shepherd's Inn. You do not have to bring water or drinks in your car. These are provided for you at these stations. NICE, HUH?

AGAIN - Clean up after yourself. Please put trash in the trash cans. I HATE PICKING UP TRASH and my momma taught me that when I leave a place it should look better than it did when I arrived. Please be neat. The Cove is beautiful and again, their NINJA staff comes and goes and you rarely see them. You may look around and your paper cup is gone. LOL.

Off-Campus folks, drive up to Shepherd's Inn and get your name tag, then go to the training center. If you arrive after 5 p.m., you will get your name tag at the office in the Training Center. Go in the door, make a fast left, and the office in is that little cubby.

THE WEATHER IS SUPPOSED TO BE NICE - Sorry Eva, no snow! We want you comfortable, and the temperature will drop in the mountains when you least expect it. So nice sweaters and jeans are perfect attire for our conference. There is a covered walkway from the hotel to the Training Center should we have rain. And we may get a smidge of that. Point is, currently there is no snow in the forecast. AGAIN - SORRY EVA!

I honestly can't think if there is anything we haven't discussed in previous letters. Remember when you get your name tag, you will sign a liability release as well.

*Our bookstore will open on Friday after supper. Feel free to browse, but our staff is not ready to sell until after supper. They are checking in inventory, adding it to our inventory in the Square, and making sure things are priced. Keep in mind there are times the internet will be slow at the Cove with the hundreds of folks using it. That does, at times, affect how quickly our charge cards run. Don't grow frustrated with our staff, they have no control over the internet speed. Just chat with the folks next to you for a minute, and things will go through.

*Keep in mind the Cove is Alcohol and Smoke-Free. If you are caught with these things, their security will ask you to leave. You must go to your car if you are a smoker.

Believe it or not...I think this is it.


Peace Be With You

 While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, “Peace be with you.” - Luke 24:36 NIV

I know this is a first for many of you. Believe me I know. We only have 9 returning conferees. That means the rest of you are new to Christian Devotions Ministries and the Asheville Christian Writers Conference. We pray for this, and every year God answers our request.

My point is, I know many of you will have anxiety about traveling. Some may be traveling alone, others may have left someone ill at home, kids, or an aging parent. Still, others may be experiencing their very first conference. What we want you to remember is that truly, ACWC is a safe place for you. When you come here, you are greeted with hugs, love, and genuine friendship. At this conference, our job is to introduce you to this crazy writing world. More so, our job is to help you realize the call that is placed on your life.

It doesn't matter what you want to write (well, erotica does't count...don't do that! lol), the point is, we are here to help you realize 1) you are called to share a message - be it fiction or non-fiction, article, post, or children's book. 2) Help you get started 3) become your friend and support 4) your prayer warrior. In other words, there's no need to worry.

Imagine when Jesus appeared to the disciples after His death. Imagine the wonder. The shock. Even the fear. Yet, in His sweet way, Jesus said, "Peace be with you." Peace.

Come to this conference with peace. Jesus knew the relief found in that word, in that action. Rest in that peace and know that all of us are still learning this industry, even the oldies. There is always something new. Just as life offers us new things daily, so does this wonderfully slow industry. I kinda think it's slow for a reason. To teach us to wait. Something else Jesus was good at reminding us.

I lost a sweet friend last summer. Honestly, she was a person filled with turmoil but tattooed up her arm were these words. "Peace of Christ."

Wow. Peace of Christ. She grasped that arm as she left us, holding tight to the peace of Christ.

I ask you, today, to take a deep breath. Let go of all the hard stuff, and take an ink pen and write, PEACE OF CHRIST on your hand. If you're artsy...write it on your forearm. Cling to it this weekend. There is nothing sweeter than the words of Christ. Write them in your hearts.

Peace of Christ -

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