October Newsletter
10/20/2019 7:29:00 PM by: Cindy Sproles

We're rollin'...yes we are!
Let me get the elephant outta the room first and foremost. Some of you follow me on Facebook and you've read about our recent discovery of my husband's bladder cancer. Wow, it's been a crazy 4 weeks. It's never fun when you find out your loved one is ill and it's especially not fun when they say the "C" word, but this is the cards we've been dealt and our trust is fully in Christ that His will, will play out. We pray for healing, and we ask you to pray for that as well, but we rest assured that if this is not in God's will, that His plan is far greater than we could imagine - even if we don't understand. So, I'm asking our friends and family to pray with fire. Pray with the fire of the Holy Spirit that God will send healing. Tim has surgery  tomorrow morning. Please pray for his safety and for successful surgery. I'm telling folks when you post on social media anything encouraging at all, use the hashtag #praywithfire. This thing is bigger than us. There's a world who hurts. When you post that hashtag, not only does Tim see them, but a world who is hurting and searching will see the love of Christ. It's a day at a time right now. I continue to work and move ahead, trusting that God will strengthen my legs when they grow weak.

Having said that: NEWS!

LPC is acquired by Iron Stream Media - Let's remove elephant number 2 from the room. (You didn't know there was a herd, did you?) In September, Iron Stream Media acquired Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. We know how people talk and rumors spread, so we're giving you the scoop and the TRUTH. NO, LPC was not in any financial trouble. NO, LPC was not falling apart. The move to allow Iron Stream Media to absorb LPC was nothing short of an answered prayer. Now if you know Eddie and I at know we bathe everything in prayer, and we do our best to listen when God tells us, "It's time." We agreed years ago that we'd tell God yes when He asked us to do something. We did that in 2008, in the middle of an economy crash, and started a publishing company. God has blessed LPC generously and so two years ago, when He begin to nudge Eddie that our time was complete. It was hard to loosen our grip. The truth is, we are only so smart (lol) and as the industry and media changes, things grow. Eddie had grown LPC as big as he could alone. He shouldered the brunt of marketing, publishing, selling, royalties, and general business. Now he had help with the editing from amazing editors, but the workings of the company, he shouldered alone. God finally said, "It's time. You've done well. Let it go to the next level." So after two years of prayer and soul searching God brought us into contact with Iron Stream Media. The wonderful thing is, their heart was perfect and signing the papers to a fellow publisher who has the same beliefs and heart as us. . .was nothing short of a God thing. So now, Iron Stream is the publisher and LPC continues on UNDER the arm of Iron Stream. Nothing changes. Everything continues as is. That's the wonderful thing. We're still LPC.

This move was perfect for our authors and editors. The arm of Iron Stream is so much bigger and our books have the opportunity to reach more people. THIS IS A GOOD THING. So if you hear rotten rumors, please know, there was no disaster that allowed this to happen. It was the perfect next step to continue to grow LPC into the place God has designed. Squelch those rumors because you have the truth.  Finally, NO EDDIE IS NOT LEAVING CHRISTIAN DEVOTIONS. Eddie and I have served together as ministry partners for ten years. Nothing changes here except that our hair has greyed. We are both fully active in the ministry, working on the next project that God says, "HEY EJ...How about..."

Now that those elephants are out to pasture. Let's move on.

If you pre-registered at the Cove in February and paid $25, if you haven't already,  then I need you to do the following:
EMAIL ME AT [email protected] and tell me 1) do you still plan to attend 2) your room preference (single or double) 3) if you choose a double do you need me to assign a roommate? 
If I do not get this information from you, your room reseveration will be put back into the open room pool and will be sold to the next conferee wishing to attend.

Now don't think I'm've known since the conference in February, I'd be contacting you. If you could just let me know by verifying you are coming and what room you helps with registration so much. We sell out so fast and if I have unclaimed rooms into November, conferees are not getting to attend. So help me out by following this simple instruction.

If you have registered on line then I have your registration deposit and room preference. All I need (from those married couples attending) are the names of both husband and wife and an email for both.  (Please note that if your spouse does not plan to attend the full conference they are required to attend the full group sessions in order to stay on campus and they must wear their name badges at all times. The Cove is a non-profit and everyone that stays on campus MUST BE REGISTERED and ATTEND the conference. I cannot force you to attend all sessions, but to qualify you must attend the general group sessions in the morning and at night.  You can email me at [email protected] with that information.

When will I pay the remainder of my conference fee?  Conference fees will be invoiced to you in October and must be paid by January 5. We are required to pay bills so we must receive your payment in full by January 5. I will send notices to you with the total you owe and a link for you to pay the invoice in Pay Pal.  If you wish to pay sooner (LOVE YOUR HEART) then let me know and I will send you that invoice earlier. I know this falls in October and you are looking at Christmas, but knowing this now, gives you time to prepare. You don't want to miss being at the Cove. It IS AMAZING.

HERE'S WHERE THE HARPING STARTS: (LOL)  I need a photo and short bio (50 words or less) that includes your email address and web or blog page. We do prepare a roster for our conferees so the sooner you send this...the better.

REMEMBER,  you can check the website monthly at Each of these newsletters will be posted there. If you miss one, go to the site. They will be there. I encourage you to mark this email address as "Safe" in your internet security so it does not throw these into spam or trash. BUT CHECK THE WEBSITE Under the Conference UPDATE tab and then NEWSLETTERS.  Everything you need will be posted there.

We are in the process of receiving classes from our faculty and hopefully we will have those up soon. Again, continue to check the site. We will update the classes and the schedule as we receive the information.  In the meantime, check out our contests, critiques, and mentoring. These are in addition to your conference fee and are available to purchase as you decide to participate.

I am available via email at [email protected]

WE SELL OUT YEARLY - We are praying faithfully that God will send those He would have attend. Every year He sells this conference out. SO pray with us that very prayer, Lord, send those You would have attend.

Critiques, mentoring, and contests:  Be sure to check out our critiques, mentoring, and contest page. We are still locking in our mentors so check back from time to time. I encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities. This is how you learn and to sit at the feet of professionals giving you's wonderful. There is an additional cost but it's something you do to further your career. We try to keep pricing reasonable. Terri Kelly manages these appointments so be sure and visit the Critiques and Contest Page - her email is listed there.

Sparrow Award (Formerly The Badge of Honor Book Contest) - The winner of the Sparrow Award will have their manuscript (must meet requirements) presented to the board or either Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas or Iron Stream Media. This is not a guarantee for a contract but it is a foot in a door. We've had several of our winners published because of this award. Sarah Loudin Thomas heads this contest up and her email, along with the rules and requirements are on the website under Critiques and Contests. (It has a pretty spiffy trophy too! - Just sayin!)

The Devotions Contest - Why not try? One of the best ways to grow as a writer is to enter contests. Please step out of your comfort zone and enter the contest. The guidelines and rules are, ONCE AGAIN, on the critiques and contests page.

Bring Them

He said to them, “Do you bring in a lamp to put it under a bowl or a bed? Instead, don’t you put it on its stand?  -  He said to them, “Do you bring in a lamp to put it under a bowl or a bed? Instead, don’t you put it on its stand? Mark 4:21

"Nana, you and Papaw are sons of Abraham."

That one floored me. Outta the mouths of babes, right? So, when I told our grandson he was  a son of Abraham too, he informed me that a huge responsibility for a six-year-old.

Declan always makes me chuckle, but his insight is amazing. He reminded me that in order to be a son of Abraham, he'd need to be sure he let his light shine.  And he was right.

As you travel this writing path, there will be times when you feel so overwhelmed, so lied to by the enemy, that you question your reasoning for even attempting such a venture. Still you cannot believe the lies of the evil one. Not for a minute, for God has called you into this season. He's gifted you with exactly what you need to learn the craft and then set out to write the story He wants you to tell.

Don't let the lies of an evil world force you to hide your gift. Put it on a stand. Work hard to do what God has assigned to you. Don't worry about man's desires. Instead, trust in his timing. This is not a hard realization if my  6-year-old grandson has figured it out. He already knows that to be a true son of Abraham - or man of God, he has to let his light shine.

Are you going to let a 6-year-old outshine you? I hope not. Knuckle down. Walk in faith. Trust in God's timing and He will bring you success. Do it for His glory, not your own. SHINE.

Much love,
Cindy Sproles
Director, Asheville Christian Writers Conference

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