Critiques And Mentoring

Mentoring Sessions

Nine 1-hour spaces will be available for individuals to receive one-on-one mentoring from Award-Winning Authors, Yvonne Lehman, Edie Melson, Larry Leech,  Linda Gilden, Eddie Jones and Les Stobbe. Our past mentorees have been thrilled with the results of their mentored work. 

Cost:  $50 – Contact Terri Kelly: bootcampcritiques @ gmail (dot) com to schedule your 1-hour mentoring session. These sessions fill quickly so if you think you want to participate, register with Terri soon.

Here’s how the process works: Contact Terri with your request for a mentor or critique. She will forward the information on payment to you. Payments are made directly to the faculty member by the conferee. Critiques receive a 15-minute appointment with the critiquer to go over your work. Mentors will spend 1hour of private time during the conference with the mentoree. 




Edie Melson: Social media, blogs, websites

Conferees will send blog addresses and social media addresses so Edie can evaluate and dig into both the blog and the most effective social media for them.

Eddie Jones: Fiction and Nonfiction, Amazon ad marketing, KDP & IngramSpark publishing

Guidelines: for Fiction or Nonfiction, Synopsis, First Chapter. For Amazon marketing and KDP / Ingram publishing, your laptop.

Larry Leech: Fiction and Nonfiction

Conferees will send their proposal and three chapters of their fiction, nonfiction work, or memoir. Larry will work with you on presentation, tweaking your proposal, and guiding you in making sure your work has all the necessities to make it a success.

Guidelines: 500-word Synopsis, First 3 chapters/5,000 word limit

Linda Gilden: Speaking or Nonfiction

Linda will work with advanced writers on Speaking or Non-fiction. Or she will work with those who have definite goals for becoming a speaker. Conferees who wish Linda to mentor their non-fiction work should have a completed but no less than 1/2 completed manuscript.

Guidelines: Full Proposal, Synopsis, First Three Chapters

For Linda to mentor you with speaking, conferees should have a solid platform and be prepared with an outline for a speaking presentation.

Guidelines:  Participants should have a written presentation or at least an outline for Linda to help you refine.

For Linda to mentor you with marketing, conferees should have an outline describing their current marketing plan. Also, include marketing goals for the future. (Further directions will be outlined for you after signing up for a mentoring appointment with Linda.)

Les Stobbe: Nonfiction, Christian Living

Les will work with non-fiction, Christian living, and to help ready your work toward publication. He will work with you from concept development to preparation of proposals for literary agents, providing both instruction and editing services. 

Guidelines:  Send from 10 to 25 pages.



Critique Service

Recruits, are you ready to shave off unnecessary words? Are you ready for your manuscript to get a bit of a buzz cut?

A critique service is available for Writers Advance! Boot Camp participants. When you register, you may pay for a critique in the following categories:


  1. Articles
  2. Blog Post
  3. Blog Critique
  4. Children’s: Chapter Book
  5. Children’s Books: Picture Book, Easy Reader, Board Book
  6. Devotions
  7. Editing: Basic line-by-line editing services available
  8. General: First Fifteen Pages of Your Manuscript
  9. Fiction: Romance, General Fiction, Women’s, Contemporary, Suspense
  10. Non-fiction books: True Life, Inspirational, Motivational, Encouragement
  11. Plays/Skits
  12. Proposals
  13. Screenplays: Any genre
  14. Bible lesson plans/Bible Studies

Critique Submission Guidelines:

1. Manuscript: Times News Roman, Double-spaced, One-Inch Margins, WORD DOCUMENT. Be sure you combine all requirements into a SINGLE document.

2. Email Submissions as an attachment to the faculty member of your choice or to Terri Kelly, bootcampcritiques @ Gmail (dot) comSubject Line: ACWC CRITIQUE. In the body of the email, please list the genre.

Faculty Emails and Deadline Date for Submissions

Linda Gilden: Linda @ lindagilden (dot) com DEADLINE: February 2

Andrea Merrell: andreamerrell7 @ gmail (dot) com DEADLINE: Feb. 2

Larry Leech: lleech @ cfl (dot) rr (dot) com DEADLINE: Feb. 2

Denise Loock: denise @ lightningeditingservices (dot) com DEADLINE: Feb. 2

Terri Kelly: bootcampcritiques @ gmail (dot) com DEADLINE: Feb. 2

Bob Hostetler:  [email protected] (dot) com  DEADLINE: Feb. 2

Linda Glatz: Fiction lglazagain  (dot) aol (dot) com DEADLINE: Feb. 2

Sarah Thomas sarah (dot) sarahloudinthomas (dot) com DEADLINE: Feb. 2

Eddie Jones eddie (dot) eddiejones (dot) org DEADLINE: Feb. 2


3. Title Page: Include a title page with your submission: title, genre, page numbers, word count, audience, and your name/email and other contact information on the title page within your document. A confirmation will be sent to you within 24 hrs. (Resend if you do you receive a confirmation.) SUBMISSIONS WITHOUT THESE DETAILS WILL NOT BE CRITIQUED.

4. Fee: see critique menu below.  You may directly email faculty members your manuscripts. Please send a check made out to the faculty member’s name. Ask for the mailing address when you send your critique or email Terri ([email protected])for a mailing address.  Critiques will be completed upon receipt of payment. (The fee applies for each submission.)

5. Deadline: See individual faculty members for their deadlines. You may begin sending critiques January 1.

6. Completed critiques will be returned to you at the Writers Advance! Conference. You will automatically be given an appointment with the faculty member who critiqued your writing. Our faculty will not give you a buzz cut. We’ll approach each manuscript with more love than a drill sergeant so you may ADVANCE!

Buzz Cuts (Manuscript Critiques) – Faculty can change

Articles: Newspaper or magazine     $25

250 -1500 words (Anything over 1500 words will be discarded.)

Blog Post  $15

250 -1500 words (Anything over 1500 words will be discarded.) A full assessment of your blog post, including a written list of suggestions and things you’re doing well.

Blog Critique   $25

A full assessment of your blog, including a written list of suggestions and things you’re doing well.

Devotions (Devotions for print or web/blog, Limit of 2)  $20 each set of 2

Editing: Basic line-by-line editing services available   $20 per 5 pages

General: First Fifteen Pages of Your Manuscript includes a breakdown of overall writing, marketability, hook, tension, and POV.   $35

Fiction: 10 pages + 2-page synopsis. MUST have 2-page synopsis for romance, general fiction, suspense, Women’s Fiction.) $25

Non-fiction books: 10 pages + 2-page synopsis. MUST have 2-page synopsis for True Life, Inspirational, Motivational, Encouragement  $25

Proposals:  Fiction or non-fiction proposals. Send the first 25 pages or 1 chapter and a 1-2 page synopsis. (No more than 25 total pages.)  $25 

Bible Studies/Bible Lesson Plans: No more than 15 pages $35

Children's Chapter Book: First 3 chapters: $25

Picture Book: Complete manuscript: $25



**Please note faculty participation could change

Articles: Linda Gilden

Blog Post: Edie Melson

Blog Critique: Edie Melson

Picture books, Children's Nonfiction Articles, Chapter book: Terri Kelly 

YA: Larry Leech

YA to first Chapter books and Picture books: Nancy Lohr

Devotions: Andrea Merrell,  Denise Loock, and  Linda Gilden

Editing: Basic line-by-line editing services available: Andrea Merrell, Denise Loock, and Larry Leech

General: First Fifteen Pages of Your Manuscript: Larry Leech, and Linda Gilden

Fiction: Romance, General Fiction, Women’s, Contemporary, Suspense: Andrea Merrell, and Larry Leech,

Non-fiction books: True Life, Inspirational, Motivational, Encouragement: Edie Melson and  Andrea Merrell

Memoirs: First 10 pages: Larry Leech

Proposals, One-Sheets: Larry Leech, and Bob Hostetler