Registration 2021

Asheville Christian Writers Conference – 

February 26,  27 & 28, 2021


This conference sells out yearly.

Please note**The rates below reflect ONE conferee. A husband and wife will pay PER PERSON – so two registrations. The Cove policy is to charge per person.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations can be made prior to January 1 with full reimbursement. Cancellations after January 1, are non-refundable.


NEW – ATTEND ACWV VIRTUALLY and receive access to the live streaming portion of our conference. At the conclusion of the conference you will also be able to download videos of all classes, workshops, and keynotes.  – $140 (Live streaming virtual conference cost is $135 + $5 pay pal fee) Register for Virtual Conference (Pay in Full)


       This year, due to Covid, we are offering a virtual conference. This will stream LIVE from the Cove. Attend our classes from the comfort of your home.

ON-CAMPUS RATES (per person – each attendee must register separately)


On-campus at The Cove Single Occupancy Rate – $539. Both payment options include a single room, meals, conference, and access to virtual conference videos, fees, and Pay Pal fee.

* Option 1: Pay in Full Register Single Room (Pay in Full)

Option 2:  Pay ½ Single Occupancy Deposit $272. Remainder due by January 15, 2021.   Register Single Room (Pay 1/2)




DOUBLE OCCUPANCY RATE – $415  Both options include $5 Pay Pal fee, double room, meals & conference fees, access to virtual conference videos, and Pay Pal fee.

*Option 1 – Pay in full Register Double Room (Pay in Full)

*Option 2 – Pay ½ Double Occupancy Deposit $210. Remainder due by January 15, 2021. Register Double Room (Pay 1/2)

SPECIAL NOTE: UNLESS ROOMMATES ARE ALREADY IN PLACE, WE DO NOT BOOK TRIPLE OR QUAD OCCUPANCY. If you have this situation, contact Cindy at [email protected]

OFF-CAMPUS RATES –  $310  Both options include meals, conference fees, access to virtual conference videos, and Pay Pal fee. Booking housing off-campus belongs to the conferee

*Option 2 – Pay in full $310.00 Register Off Campus (Pay in Full)

*Option 3 – Pay ½ off-campus rate of $151.00. Remainder due by January 15, 2021. Register Off Campus (Pay 1/2)



Off-Campus Rate –   (includes all meals (Friday dinner, all meals Saturday, and Sunday brunch), the conference fee, and venue fees ONLY. (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE HOTEL COST.) We provide an off-campus rate for those conferees who live in the surrounding Asheville area and do not have a need to stay on campus or those who have registered after our on-campus housing is filled.  Conferees can still stay at the foot of the Cove and attend the conference. For off-campus housing, the conferee is responsible for booking their own housing with one of the local hotels listed below. 

NOTE: The Asheville Christian Writers Conference is ONLY responsible for booking conferee housing and conference. If you have family traveling with you, it will be your sole responsibility to attend to their housing and meals off-campus. ONLY REGISTERED CONFEREES can stay on-campus at the Cove.


FOR OFF-CAMPUS ATTENDEES see below off-campus hotels for housing.  (OFF-CAMPUS ATTENDEES conferees are responsible for booking their own housing).

The Days Inn – Biltmore East
 (1 Block from the Cove)
The below rate includes a 10% discount for overflow from the Cove
*2 Double beds or 1 queen bed
*1 King bed

The Holiday Inn Express – Biltmore East
(1 Block from the Cove)
*2 Double beds or 1 King

The Quality Inn & Suites – Biltmore East
(4 minutes from The Cove)
1430 Tunnel Rd., Asheville, NC, 28805, US
Phone: (828) 298-5519 Fax: (828) 298-4739



**SPECIAL NOTE – Please note the Cove, the Billy Graham Training Center, and Christian Devotions Ministries, are Smoke-Free, Alochol-Free, (Vaping and Drug-Free) Campuses and conference. These items are not allowed on the campus of the Cove. Please abide by this policy.


ACWC is held in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Weather is something we cannot predict and since our conference is a winter conference, we have made arrangements for you to secure travel insurance should you chose to do so. We have yet to be snowed out, but it’s important you realize ACWC continues, regardless of the weather. If you fear that snow could be an issue, then you might consider the purchase of travel insurance on your own. Vetting coverages is the responsibility of the conferee as this changes from year to year with travel insuranceACWC cannot refund conference registrations due to weather.  ACWC is under contract with the Cove, and registrations must be paid and are non-refundable after a certain point. 

AIG Insurance has contacted us and offers very affordable travel insurance (anywhere from $25-$90 depending on your age, amount to cover, and the state you live in).  As we noted – the weather has never been an issue, but we don’t want you to lose your registration should you feel you cannot make the trip. Should you choose travel insurance it is your responsibility to check out the exact coverages. The Asheville Christian Writers Conference is not responsible for the rules and variations of travel insurance. We are not responsible for the return of conference fees due to weather.

You may contact AIG at 1-800-826-4919. ACWC makes no money or rewards from the sale of travel insurance. This number is provided merely as a convenience to our conferees. Should you choose to purchase the insurance it is your responsibility to flesh out all the details or locate other companies that might offer the same coverage.


The Cove’s Policy on Children
The Cove is a Christian Adult Retreat Center meant for personal restoration and conferences. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to stay on campus. There are personal retreats and additional conferences running alongside ACWC. Please respect this policy. Of course, there is an exception to every rule. Teens age 16 and over are permitted to attend ACWC but only with an adult registered for the conference. The paying adult must attend all conference activities with their teen. Teens are not allowed outside the parameter of the conference. If you have a teen who wishes to attend ACWC please contact Cindy so she can secure the proper permissions for this attendee. The rate is the same as is an adult.

Please do not ask us about bringing your children. It will only force us to say no.

Unfortunately, ACWC cannot be used for family accommodations while our conference is in session. Three hotels are located at the entrance of the Cove where families can stay and then enjoy a long weekend in beautiful Asheville. All individuals must be registered and attending the conference in order to stay on the premises of the Cove. (This is not us, this is the 501(c )3 status requirements for The Cove.) We ask you respect that and not put us in a position to have to say no.

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations can be made prior to January 1 with full reimbursement. Cancellations after January 1 are non-refundable.