February 7, 2018 Newsletter & Assignment 2
Sunday, January 7, 2018 by Cindy Sproles

Week 2 - Assignment 2
Okie doakie - Your second week of additional assignment is up on the blog site.  This week Denise Loock will take you through the pesky Adverbs. Be sure and read her short blog post and apply the assignment to your current work. Remember, we don't need this turned in, but this is additional training to get you geared up and ready.  You can find the assignment at . Or just go to and click ACWC Writers Blog.

 Pay close attention to the contest deadlines. Our  Badge of Honor Contest is for book manuscripts. Fiction or Non-Fiction and the prize is an opportunity for your manuscript to go before the board of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas for possible publication. This is such an opportunity. You never know what will come of the effort to enter. Some may win, others not. . . at least not an award, but what you do get - win or lose - is experience. You need the experience. Step out. Enter. You win for yourself just stepping out on the journey. Go to our and read the guidelines, then ENTER. There is a link there for you to pay. 

DEVOTION CONTEST ENDS JANUARY 15 AS WELL - Our devotion contest is open. There are tons of ways to write devotions, but if you need guidance - go to then click on the tab that says WRITE FOR US. You can download our guidelines and even see an example of how to write a devotion the Christian Devotions way. You ask - why do you not give us the link to the download? Well, for a reason. Part of entering contests is learning to follow the instructions and guidelines. This is a learning process we want you to walk away from our conference having mastered. You will need this skill EVERY TIME you submit your work anywhere.  (Same link, just scroll to the bottom of the page.)

About Critiques, Appointments, and Mentoring
[email protected] )

Terri Kelly has take time to give you a few pointers and instruction on how we handle the critiques and appointment sign ups. Read on and if you need further assistance you can contract Terri.

Do you have questions about appointments, critiques, or mentoring? Here’s a brief explanation. Be sure to study the website page, under the Contest & Instruction tab, for further information.
Fifteen minute appointments with faculty members are offered during the conference on Saturday, February 17. The appointments run throughout the day. 
     When you arrive on campus on Friday, Terri Kelly will help you make your first appointment. (The appointment room is in the same building and same floor level as the classes. After you get off the elevator, ask our bookstore staff to point you toward the appointment area.)
    Study the faculty bios before ACWC begins so you’ll know who you want to select.
Can you make more than one 15-minute appointment? 
Of course, but wait until after Friday night supper. We want everyone to have a chance to arrive on campus and make their first appointment.
Can I make my free 15-minute appointment before the conference?
No, you’ll have to wait until the conference begins.
Is there any way to make an appointment in advance?
Yes, I’m glad you asked. If you purchase a critique or mentoring, you’ll automatically have an appointment scheduled for you.
How can I prepare for the appointment?
Study the faculty page. The more you understand about their work, the easier it will be to select the best ones for you to meet with.
     Find the information on the ACWC website under the Contest & Instruction tab. Then open the link to Critiques and Mentoring.
     Be sure to read this page thoroughly.
CRITIQUES (Please send your critiques in now.

  • If you plan to purchase a critique, study the categories.
  • Then read the list of faculty members who are critiquing. 
  • Select the faculty member you want and email the requirements directly to the faculty member. Their emails are listed on the website.
  • Each faculty member will give you an appointment to go over the critique at the conference. 
  • Pay for the critique as soon as you email your manuscript. Mailing addresses are provided by faculty or Terri Kelly, bootcampcritques @ gmail (dot) com. 
  • You may purchase as many critiques as you wish. Pay attention to the deadline. 
  • Be brave and sign-up for a critique, a ono-on-one learning opportunity.

Ready for a deep study of your writing?
Mentoring appointments are one hour each. We have four fantastic faculty members who are mentoring: Yvonne Lehman, Edie Melson, Larry Leech, and Linda Gilden.
If you wish to purchase a mentoring package, email Terri Kelly (bootcampcritiques @ gmail (dot) com).
When you email: Include which faculty member you’d like for your appointment and Terri will connect you with your mentor.
 Email Terri Kelly if you have anymore questions.

We still lack a few registration payments. So many have been "Johnny-on-the-spot" to pay. If you have not, I ask that you take care of this responsibility as soon as possible. I have to pay the Cove this week and if your registration is not paid in full, your reservation will be lost. So please, don't let that happen. I only have 4 outstanding invoices. You know if you owe for the conference, so I am assuming you will take care of this immediately, unless I have spoken with you about the timing.

MP3's - Yep, I'm mentioning this again, and again, and again . . .
BUY THE MP3's. Again, I can't stress the importance of this - to have this teaching year round to refer's a wonderful tool and a wise business decision. Each year our wonderful radio host, Scott McCausey, records our conference. Our conference MP3's will be $25 this year. Every class and keynote is recorded. EVERYTHING EXCEPT WORSHIP. We cannot record the worship music due to copyright laws and we are simply to small to afford to pay the royalties. If you want to take home worship music, LaTan will have her cd's you can purchase. Plan now to purchase the MP3s. It's business smart. It's career smart. It's continued learning smart. If you plan now, you'll be prepared to purchase the MP3's as soon as you see Renee. 

I've had folks ask me, "What do you do with the MP3 money? Two things: 1) I pay Scott, who spends hours and hours adding, editing, and converting, and uploading them so you have nice MP3s that you can use forever.  2) The remaining money is funneled into our scholarship fund so we are able to help conferees in need attend the conference. When you purchase the MP3s, you are not only helping yourself but you are helping provide scholarships for conferees who might otherwise not be able to attend. 

BIOS for our ROSTER (If you are new to the conference in the last few weeks)
YEP - I'M STILL HARPING ON THIS ONE TOO.  The roster provides you a future networking tool. If you've never attended a conference, it allows you the opportunity to see who else is attending. It breaks the ice. Not only that, but it provides our conference care representatives, Dee Dee Parker, Beth Fortune, and Cathy Baker, the opportunity to know you by name and FACE. It's vital for our little family to be strengthened as a family. And that's what we want you to think of this conference  - your family. We're here for lasting relationships with you, not just a weekend. So be a part of the family.

We need a new photo and a short (50 word bio).  Even if we had it last year, RESEND IT THIS YEAR. Things change through the year and honestly, I can't go back and hunt through hundreds of emails and roster photos and neither can my amazing sister-in-law, Sheila, who is taking on this project for me. Send us new information. Please send those to [email protected].  You may put your bio in the body of the email, but attach your photo as an attachment.  Please label your email in the subject line BIO, so we know to send it to me.  I need a 50 word bio, written in 3rd person, and a photo of yourself. Please make your photo of you and not your entire family. We just don't have the space in our roster for large photos. Please keep your bio down to 50 words. Add your email address. This will be your networking tool. To my knowledge, we are the only conference that provides this networking tool. Help us make it successful.

Please, please do not reply to this newsletter with your questions or even answers to questions I have asked. I cannot find all the responses.  If you need to respond please email me at [email protected].

Remember, everything you need to know will be posted on the website, even these newsletters. We have a tab called CONFERENCE UPDATES. When you click updates you'll find information on registration, checking in at the hotels, contests as they progress. Any kind of update. Currently this page houses last year's information, but honestly, it won't change much. So read through it.  Under Conference Updates you will also find NEWSLETTERS. You will be able to read every newsletter, so I encourage you to check in on this page and make sure you are getting all the upcoming news, needs, and happenings. 

CONFERENCE BENEVOLENCE - If you are new to our conference, you'll know for the last two years we have opted to be a benevolent conference. We have chosen the National Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to support. WHY? Well, it's easy. You'll meet Bob Hostetler this year (if you haven't met him in the past) and you will find that Bob's family has two siblings (which is a bit rarer) with cystic fibrosis. His granddaughter, Calleigh, and grandson, Ryder are both young (under the age of nine). I have a cousin, in her early 20's, who battles CF. We have several other conferees or friends who have family members who carry this burden. Over the last two years, our conferees have given well over $2000.00 in honor of these loved ones. We'll have a Bob Box set up at the book store. At the end of the conference, Christian Devotions and Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas match the funds collected, then we write a check to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and give that to Bob, who yearly raises a nice tidy sum in honor of his grandbabies. I hope you'll drop in a couple of dollars. God calls us to care for one another and this is one way we can do just that.

And then...
Pray for this conference, for our faculty and for the conferees God will send. Pray for good weather. We don't mind cold, but we don't want snow. This is so important to us. Like I said, we began praying for you the day the 2017 conference ended. Begin to prepare your hearts. 

Please read the site. I am still updating information weekly. These newsletters are all published on the site as well. 

Send your bio and photo to [email protected]
Talk us up
Pray for us

FINALLY, let me share where God is leading us this year . . .

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. - John 1:1 NIV     
It's time for a little honesty . . . a little nail biting. Are you ready? Here goes. I'm weak. I'm scared. I'm weighted down by fear. So much so, I can't seem to write a word. 

 Let's face it. Who doesn't struggle with weakness and fear of some sort? We all have our trials, be it past or present. Mine started this time last year when Doctors told me they were going to drill a hole in my skull (actually two). I've tried to keep a big girl attitude, but let's face it. ANYTIME they drill a hole in your head, it's horrifying. Especially as they tell you what can go wrong. Compete loss of hearing, brain damage, paralysis. . . death. Though God stood by me, heard my cries, and protected me, I find myself paralyzed with fear. And the surgeries are over! 

 I know the problem lays inside me and I'm truthfully working to overcome it. But the one thing I have longed to do all my life - the one thing I've been gifted in and blessed in. Is the one thing I struggle to do.

What a wonderful communicator John was. He knew the people of his time would have a hard time understanding anything dealing with Christology (the study of Christ). John understood these people lived by the old law and the Messiah they searched for wasn't coming in on a battle stallion swinging a sword and slaughtering nations. They didn't anticipate His coming as the lowliest of low. Born to young parents - peasants. So when he opened his letter to the people, he knew he had to clear up the questions. And he did just that.   

 In the beginning was the Word. (God). God was always there, from the start.  ...and the Word was with God (Jesus). Jesus, with God from the beginning. Always there.  ... and the Word was God (Omnipresent). God incarnate. 

 I found it interesting that John referred to God as "the Word."  Stick with me - it'll come together. 
God seems to have special things He favors, i.e. the number 7, 12, and the Word. He tends to use them a lot to help His slow children catch on. All this to say, God gave me the gift of words. He gave me THE Word (His Bible). Then He gave me the Word that was in the beginning, with Him and as Him. God gave me a lot of  WORDS. If He took so much time to give this, then why in heaven's name am I afraid?

The simple man's answer is: You lack faith. The reality is not my faith, but my sin. I'm imperfect, sinful, and when Satan has the opportunity to snag that sin and get a toehold, then he fills me with fear. 

So today, when I read this scripture, the mud suddenly cleared. The Word is in me! He entered into my heart the day I invited Him, and He has yet to leave. Instead, this Word continues to fill me with inspiration, hope, forgiveness, and grace. And on top of that, He continues to give me more words to write. 

I know from the number of emails I've received in the last week, that you fear things too. Well, you're in good company, but it's important to remember that THE WORD who was in the beginning, is the same WORD that fills your soul with words that have letters. He's called you to use those words to His glory, regardless of the fear. In fact, I'm sure I heard THE WORD speak clearly to my heart and say, "Listen to My WORDS."

You've taken the step to attend a writers conference to learn how to craft the words you need to write stories, novels, articles, and inspirational books. What you write may only be for your children. That's okay. Make it the best writing you have ever done. It may be a calling to craft a novel or an article. It may be a thank you note or a thinking of you letter. It doesn't matter. You're given the words by THE WORD Himself.

I decided today, after I had this epiphany (or slap in the face - depends on how you want to look at it), that I cannot let Satan throw fear at my feet. He'll do his best to make the pathway slippery. I have the confidence in God to know the WORDS He speaks - STICK. 

As you prepare this week, take hold of the Word - the one who was, is, and always shall be. With Him there is no room for fear, for God is the Light that shines in the darkness. When you feel yourself being overcome by fear, repeat this: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 
 Much Love,

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