Newsletter October 29
10/29/2016 3:41:00 PM by: Cindy

First things first . . .

I want to offer you all an apology. If you know me at all - you know I am one of those "Johnny-on-the-Spot" kinda gals. If you send me an email, I answer, usually within an hour or so, if not sooner. But since July I have been fighting a serious infection that has forced massive headaches on me  - that well. . .quiet honestly - have been dibilatating. I've spent a great amount of time in the recliner with a heating pad on my head feeling pretty raunchy. To date I am on my 4th antibiotic. I've had a ct scan on my head and sinsues (my biggest fear here was they would find NO brain.), and I am scheduled to see an ENT on Nov. 7. The doctor is in the process of getting me into see a neurologist as well, just as a precaution. All that to say, I am behind. I simply have not felt like doing anything, so my usual hop-on-it attitude has been a bit skewed. I ask for your forgiveness and for grace in my responses to you and even with the timeliness of my newsletters. I try to do two or three a month until January hits and then for those of you who are returning, you know those ramp up to weekly. I think I have made a turn with this new antibiotic though I still have good days and bad, it takes time to get your energy back. I'm a worker-bee and I rarely sit still. I may be watching tv but I'm doing something else along with that. So I plead for your patience, for grace, and for your prayers as I work to get this illness behind me. If you have questions that I have not answered please contact me at [email protected]

LET'S GET ON WITH IT . . .Yes, I'm repeating myself, so don't you dare skip over this! :)

Every year we compile a roster for your benefit. It has a dual purpose. 1) It allows our prayer warriors to pray specifically for you and 2) it becomes your introduction and networking tool for your peers at ACWC.  I understand what it is like to be new to a conference and that's why we work to compile this list. I want you to be able to put faces with names so when you walk in the door at ACWC, you feel your family - not like you're a stranger. Cindy Saab has graciously volunteered to do our roster. It's a massive job. So I encourage you to send her your bio and .jpg. THIS IS A MUST HAVE! WE MUST HAVE IT.

Below is the link for the bio form along with Cindy's email address in this letter. And here's a hint that will help us. We don't need a life history. Keep your bio at 75 or less words, include your email address.  When you send your ,jpg of yourself (for those who do not know what that is, it's a photo file of yourself. If you don't have one, ask a friend or a teenager to take your photo and help you email it) PLEASE DON'T SEND A FAMILY PHOTO.  If that is all you have, crop everyone else out of the photo. We love your families, but we only want your face. (There are security reasons for this - trust us).
Attach the .jpg and the bio form and email it to: [email protected]
Click here ->Directory_Form 4 (This should download to your computer or you can go to and click forms and newsletters. ) 

This roster is so important. Please be sure and send us the bio and .jpg.

Get ready. Start now to plan for ACWC.  That means preparing work to be critiqued, or for mentoring, and especially for our contests. You will hear me say this from here forward. CONSIDER A PAID CRITIQUE. They are such a vital part of your writing career. Critiques help you not only have an experienced set of eyes on your work, but it's excellent guidance. Direction. They help you learn to accept criticsm as a good thing, not a personal attack, and they help you develop professional relationships that can lead to open doors later on. This is an opportunity to learn from those who have trod before you. Take advantage. Visit our website and click on Critiques. Sign up for a critique. It's an important experience.

Mentoring - At this point I can say we are the only conference I know of that provides the opportunity for 1.5 hours of private mentoring. This is a pot of gold. In private mentoring you have an extended time with detailed work put into your manuscript to help you hone and make it better. Vonda Skelton is mentoring for non-fiction and speaking. Yvonne Lehman, author of over 50 books, is mentoring for fiction.  Edie Melson is mentoring for websites and social media. And Linda Gilden is mentoring for non-fiction and articles. OH MY WORD - I've said it before, but I'll say it again, I would have paid $100 for and hour of one-on-one time with Yvonne Lehman when I was learning fiction.  Now, you need to have a manuscript to be mentored. No, it doesn't have to be complete, but it does need to be at least 5 chapters in. There has to be something to work with. Vonda can help you with your speaking, and how to develop your tribe, she can lead you in non-fiction. Yvonne can help you make your fiction a hit-to-the-gut. Linda can help you with non-fiction and how to make it speak to a wider audience, and Edie's knowledge of website appearance and social media will help you build your platform. All this to say, this is money well spent and something, that if you are far enough along, you want to be a part of. Slots fill quickly so if you want mentoring, let me know NOW!

Contests - We have the Badge of Honor Book Contest which is given to the best manuscript submitted. The prize is a beautiful plaque and the opportunity for your manuscript to go before the publishing board of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas for a possible contract. The winning book must meet the publication board requirements before it's given a contract but it's an awesome opportunity. Some of our past winners are Nan Jones, Jayme Mansfield, and Laura Poole. This is an awesome opportunity. The book contest is led by Sarah Thomas and are judged by a panel of well published authors and agents. Consider taking a leap of faith and enter.

Devotions contest:  Each year we choose a winner from our devotions entries as well. Step out. Make the effort and enter.

*I am still working on the Class Schedule. Those will hopefully be listed in the next couple of weeks on our website.


*If you think someone is not receiving our newsletters, ASK THEM if they are getting them. Check with your roommate or peers. Sometimes mailchimp emails go to spam and we need to be sure everyone is getting our information.

*We have room for 29 more conferees. The on-site housing is closed, but the three hotels we overflow into are literally just a few hundred feet from the Cove's entrance. There's plenty of housing off campus. Below are the links for final payment. Thank you to all of those who have completed your payment. I urge those with remaining balances to pay soon. Most of you are sharing as a DOUBLE. You will need to choose the room occupancy and if you paid the $95 pre-registration or if you paid $25 deposit at the last conference. You're going to see this every newsletter. Pay close attention to the links and pay according to your room choice. I have to nail down the reservations in November. Your promptness on this will be so helpful.  

God has instructed us to be good stewards of His provision, and that means paying our bills ON TIME if not sooner. He has blessed us at the end of each conference to be debt free and that happens because you are gracious enough to pay your conference registrations on time. Thank you for that.

If you have paid a deposit of $95 - Here is your link for final payments.  Choose your room and click and make your payment by November 1. All links have a $6.50 PayPal surcharge added. Sorry but processing costs continue to rise and we cannot absorb it - it will show as SHIPPING

Triple Room - (Please do not choose a triple unless you have roommates in line and have contacted me) - I know we have some writers groups and families who attend so I have you already. But it's those new ones that throw me for a loop).
Click here for a triple room less $95 deposit

Double Room - If you have paid $95 against your reservation for a double room 
Click here for double room less $95 deposit

Single Room - If you have paid $95 against your reservation for a single room
Click here for single room less $95 deposit

IF YOU PAID $25 deposit at Boot Camp 2016  these are your payment links and it's due November 1

Triple less $25 deposit
Click here for triple room less $25 deposit

Double less $25 deposit
Click here for double room less $25 deposit

Single less $25 deposit
Click here for single room less $25 deposit


Remember to prepare. . .

MP3's - As usual, we will record all the sessions and the keynotes so you have those available to purchase for $35. ONCE AGAIN, here's my story: When I drove 9.5 hours to Philadelphia, I put all of my Blue Ridge MP3s on a thumb drive and listened to classes all the way there and back. Conference MP3s are a tool you can refer back to over and over and it's the ENTIRE CONFERENCE. $35 is a small price and the money goes to provide scholarships for the next year. So plan ahead, prepare to purchase your MP3s at the conference.

ACWC Bookstore will again be open. It will have faculty books for your purchase. I'm sorry that we cannot include conferee books here.  You'll be able to purchase MP3's, books, and pre-register for 2018. The greatest compliment you can give our faculty it to purchase their books and once you purchase and read...WRITE A REVIEW. 

A reminder about the BOB BOWL - We will again accept donations to support  Bob Hostetler's two grand children who deal with Cystic Fibrosis. Bob does a yearly fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of his two grandchildren who fight the CF battle daily.  We'd love to surprise Bob again with support. From January of last year until January of this year, a new injectable  medication was developed that is changing lives of CF patients. In our own family a niece is now able to function due to this medication.  For Bob's grandchildren, the injection will be available any day for his granddaughter and hopefully available for his younger grandson by spring of next year. Your gifts helped bring that about. So I hope you'll come prepared to offer a little contribution to the BOB BOWL and help us help the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Bob's grandchildren.  We'll place a Bob Bowl on our Bookstore table again, and forward the monies collected to Bob for his campaign drive in the spring. (By the way, Bob will be back with us in 2018).

Class Schedule - Check the website from time to time.

Travel Insurance - If you worry about bad weather in February, we have added a link for travel insurance with AIG Insurance. This is found on the registration page of our website . Just scroll down to TRAVEL INSURANCE. The rates depend on where you live. It's important you know that once January 5 passes, we no longer have the ability to refund conference funds and housing. If you are one who fears the weather, then take a minute, check out AIG Insurance for the travel insurance. This way, if you feel you cannot make the conference with the weather, you can contact them for a claim and get a good portion of your money refunded. Christian Devotions or the Asheville Christian Writers Conference cannot refund monies due to weather. The conference goes on.

We looked at 1 Samuel 17 and the story of David and Goliath in our last letter, and how David trusted in his call from God. He bolted onto the battlefield with a few stones and a sling, then in his trust in God, took aim and killed Goliath. Today, I want you to go to the next step. Take a look at Ephesians 6. It's time to suit up, people. 

You're going to find that the closer you come to ACWC, the harder it becomes to do the work. Issues will arise, laziness happens, dread, you question whether you need to attend. SUIT UP and put on the armor of God. 

Don't think of the armor of God as symbolic, instead, close your eyes, hold out your arms, and allow the LIVING ARMOR OF GOD to surround you. When Paul chose the armor of a soldier to use as picture for God's armor, he gave you a symbolic snapshot of the protection found in Christ. But this protection is not just symbolic, it's very real and when you lift your arms to God and allow Him to slip on His living protection, you are able to fight amazing battles. 

As our conference draws closer, remember you have been prayed for. We asked specifically for God to send those who He is calling to His writing work. You have answered the call. There will be temptations, frustrations, life attacks because the evil one does not like it when we obey. Gird yourself in the armor - the LIVING ARMOR of God and stand firm. 

Your gifts, talents, and passions for the written word are nestled in your soul. Now is the time. You are called to write. Now, do it.

Our theme for ACWC this year is the Youthful Faith of David. You have the example of faith and trust through David. Now you have the armor of God. Wear it, day in and day out.

Much love,

Cindy Sproles

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