2021 Classes

Classes listed below are 2020 classes. 2021 classes will be posted mid summer

2020 Early Bird Classes

(Friday afternoon – no additional charge)

Classes may update and revise.

*Hows and Whys of Social Media – Edie Melson – Many writers mistakenly assume it’s either too late or too early to build a solid social media presence. Edie will walk you through the reason social media is non-negotiable for almost all writers, and how to find a way to make it work for your specific situation. Included will be information on why we need a social media presence before we get a contract. Which networks work best for which audience (and why you need to be active on more than one). How to use scheduling programs to keep your social media time commitment manageable. How to compose effective updates that increase shares. What you need to know to connect with your book’s potential audience. 

*Launch (or re-launch) your Publishing Career with KDP & IngramSpark – Eddie Jones – In this workshop you will learn how to set up your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account, your IngramSpark publishing account, and create an Amazon marketing ad for your book. This is a true “workshop,” so please bring your laptop, banking information, checking account number, checking account routing number, your tax ID, and at least one credit card number. You will need the banking information to complete the setup process for KDP and IngramSpark. (You WILL want to get paid for all those copies you sell.) The credit card information is required before you can publish your Amazon ad. If you want to watch and take notes that’s fine, too. Eddie will be around all weekend to mentor authors in this area. 


2020 Stepping UP

(Classes for new to intermediate writers)


*The Essential Scene – Eva Marie Everson – Every scene has to work both on paper and in the reader’s head. Eva teaches the steps necessary to make that essential scene.

*All the Wrong Moves – Bob Hostetler –  Sometimes a writer knows there is something wrong with a chapter (or book), but can’t quite put a finger on it. This session will provide a working list of the most common reasons a page, passage, or chapter isn’t working. 

*Pitches and Queries –  Sarah Loudin Thomas – Learn how to craft those all-important pitches and queries that will grab the attention of editors and agents.

*Be Still My Heart – Linda Glaz – Do you know the formula for romance? Writing romance that leaves your heart beating just a tad louder. A must for writers wanting to tackle the world of romance writing.

*Ready, Aim, Submit — Nancy Lohr – Writing for publication is a two-sided coin. The author must not only focus on the craft of writing but also must be aware of the differences among publishers. Sending a good piece to the wrong publisher will result in rejection just as surely as sending a bad piece to the right publisher. We will look at various ways to “read the market” to maximize the potential of your submission process.

Telling the Truth: The Art and Craft of Narrative Non-Fiction– Craig von Buseck – There is a real art to crafting narrative non-fiction. Learn what narrative non-fiction is and how to accurately craft it.

*Myths about MUGS – Denise Loock - Admit it. For years, you’ve wanted someone to say, “Your English teacher was wrong.” That dream comes true in this workshop. I’ll expose ten myths about MUGS (mechanics, usage, grammar, and structure), then reveal some sensible sentence structure techniques that will sharpen your writing skills. 


2020 Stepping OUT

(Classes for Intermediate to Seasoned Writers)

*Writing Deep POV – Eva Marie Everson – Make your characters come alive by adding those inner thoughts and digging into their heads. Move characters from two dimensional to three by learning the important art of Deep Point of View.

*Strategizing a Path to Publication – Bob Hostetler –  One session that is included in the Writing Nonfiction and Your Best Book Now continuing classes again, suggesting a linear strategy for conceiving and selling books in the new and ever-changing marketplace of today.

*Writing a Proposal – Sarah Loudin Thomas – If you want to get your work into the hands of publishers, knowing how to write a stellar proposal is vital. In this class you will learn the important ins and outs of a proposal.

*Declutter Your Manuscript Before You Hit Send – Andrea Merrell – Is your manuscript really ready to submit? This class will take a look at twelve factors that could send your hard work to the editorial graveyard.

*He’d Never Say That! Would She?Linda Glaz – Learning to write the opposite gender point of view can be tricky. In this class you’ll learn how to write realistically for each man and woman in your scene. There are things he would never EVER say, and certainly things she WOULD.

*Read Like a Writer – Nancy Lohr —Just as athletes watch game tapes to study other athletes, writers need to analyze the work of other writers. You should read widely and read well both for inspiration and instruction. Whether intuitively or intentionally, writers need to read with a different focus and greater awareness than the average reader does. This workshop will examine various techniques for reading like a writer.

*Digital Discipleship and Evangelism – Craig von Buseck – Reach the world with your work. Learn the keys to outreach and developing a strong method to minister to the world with your writing.

Why Did I Get Rejected?: A View from Behind the Desk – Ramona Richards – Editors don’t look for a reason to buy the novel you’ve struggled with for months—or years! They look for a reason to reject it. Don’t give them one. This workshop provides a glimpse from behind an editor’s desk: what they look for, why talent is not enough to get your manuscript published, and traps to avoid in such areas as format, presentation, and the development of character and story arcs. 




One-on-One Mentoring – 2019

Eleven spots will be available for one-on-one mentoring by award winning, best selling author, Yvonne Lehman. Author and teacher Larry Leech, social media whiz-gal Edie Melson, and speaker-author Linda Gilden will also be available for private appointments. Writers coach Eddie Jones will work with conferees on their fiction / non-fiction projects and answer questions regarding Amazon Kindle publishing, IngramSpark, and Amazon ads

Mentoring spots are open to writers who have a novel or non-fiction manuscript in progress. The mentoring will be a 1-hour one-on-one time where Yvonne will work with fiction. Linda will address speaking, magazine and articles, and non-fiction. Speakers should have the beginnings of a platform. Linda will work specifically with you on your novel, non-fiction proposal, and presentation. 

While Edie will work with you on your website, blog, and social media, Larry will help with your non-fiction, magazine submissions, and memoirs. The cost is $50 (additional to your ACWC registration) and the spots are first come, first serve.  You will contact Terri Kelly at [email protected]  AFTER you register to apply for one of these mentoring spots.


2020 Keynotes

Larry Leech

Bob Hostetler

Eva Marie Everson